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Aquavitro Seed and Remediation: Seachem’s Latest Innovations for Reef Aquarists

by Aaron Go 14 Jun 2024

Seachem continues to raise the bar with its premier aquavitro line, introducing two new products: Aquavitro Seed and Aquavitro Remediation. Let’s dive into the details:

Aquavitro Seed:
    • Purpose: Quickly and safely establish a biofilter in your aquarium.
    • Benefits:
      • Prevents new tank syndrome during initial biological cycling.
      • Specifically developed bacteria for hardiness and adaptability.
      • Synergistic blend found nowhere else.

      Ideal for reef aquarists seeking optimal water quality.

      Aquavitro Remediation:
      • Purpose: Natural organic waste management.
      • Features:
        • Rapidly breaks down excess food, sludge, and waste.
        • Bacterial colonies naturally clean your substrate.
        • Traps particulates, enhancing water clarity.

      Suitable for both freshwater and marine systems.

      Whether you’re starting a new tank or maintaining an established one, these innovative products cater to the unique needs of reef enthusiasts.

      If you're a reef aquarist looking to optimize your coral growth and effectively manage algae and nutrient levels in your tank, I highly recommend trying out Aquavitro Seed and Remediation. These innovative products are backed by Seachem's renowned expertise and commitment to aquarium health, offering a holistic solution to elevate your reef-keeping experience.

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