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Learn from one of our own PINOYREEFSALAD!


Aldrin is one of the mentors of many reefers both here in the Philippines and abroad. His sheer dedication to his craft provides everyone more knowledge and inspiration. Here's something for reefers our there whether starting a tank or maintaining an old one. 

This Waterbox 20 cube is actually my 4th reef tank since I started reefing. Been thru alot of up and down but manages to succeed because of my determination to learn. Out of my experience I was able to come up with some practical things that I have applied to my reefing journey. Just like what they said "don't complicate things, it will make life more easier." and this is my secret. All manually applied, all basics, no automation except light schedule, hands off the tank all the time as much as possible and let them grow as you do your things. And I think this made my reefing hobby successful.

Tank specifications/husbandry:

Display: Waterbox Nano Cube 20
Lighting: Echotech Radion XR30w Gen 4
Salt: Red Sea Coral Pro
Circulation: Jecod SW-4
Skimmer: Modified Red Starfish skimmer
Filtration: Rear Sump
Filter Media: Dymax Biospheres, Seachem Matrix Carbon, Rowaphos
Top Off: Manual

Dosing: Red Sea Reef Foundation A, Red Sea reef foundation B, Red Sea reef foundation C, Seachem Reef buffer, Seachem Reef Plus (Amino acid), Seachem Iodide
(All manual dosing)

Feeding schedule: Corals (once a week- reef roids, reef snow, mysis), Fishes (once a day- hikari S, Vitalis, mysis)

Waterchange: once or twice a month
Heater: JBL Protemp 50w
Rerturn Pump: Sicce Syncra Silent700

Established December 2018 ( all uploaded images are current )


Corals : SPS / LPS


Credits to Aldrin for the images.

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Shots: Top down

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